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What is MegaSeen?
MegaSeen is a do-it-yourself platform for creating high quality, interactive online campaign sites and collecting marketing leads. It is a fast and hassle-free way to create, publish and host a campaign website with no technical expertise, installation or coding required. You no longer need a big budget and a long production time to create a stylish and tailored campaign website.

Who uses MegaSeen?
MegaSeen is used by SME businesses, big corporations, web designers, advertising agencies, and individuals - anybody who wants a user-friendly and affordable campaign website. Our purpose is to help advertisers to leverage their offline promotion materials to develop their online presence in a very cost-effective manner.

Why choose MegaSeen?
Not every business has an in-house web design team, but many businesses would like to launch dedicated marketing campaigns to generate market leads and raise their brand image. MegaSeen allows you to create a campaign site using your own graphic design or one of our professionally designed templates and then adding functionality through simple drag and drop options.