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Once you have used Megaseen to create your tailored campaign site, you will experience true flexibility. It is incredibly easy to use, cost-efficient, and time saving. There are a multitude of other benefits as well.

High Return On Investment
Gain more market leads at low costs.
Run on cross Platform
Your campaign site can run on web, mobile and ipad.
Faster To Market
Easy to launch an interactive campaign site anytime, anywhere.
Online Campaign Report
Measurable campaign result and site activity.

Gain More Market Leads
Campaign sites usually only contain 3 – 4 pages and have a short internet presence. In the past, it was hard for a small business to justify spending budget on a campaign site and might launch only one or two a year. With the cost-efficiency of Megaseen, small businesses can now launch more campaign sites to collect data frequently and generate increased market leads in doing so. The data collected enables marketers to improve and further promote their products and services. It keeps you constantly in tune with your customers needs.

Run on cross platforms
With Megaseen, your campaign site could run on web, mobile and ipad environment.

Faster To Market
Megaseen's drag-and-drop system is simple and easy to use. You can create a campaign site in a day and launch it to your target market faster than ever before. This would be less likely the case with campaign sites that are specially designed and require programming.

Online Campaign Report
Megaseen makes it so much easier for the user to manage different campaign results. The data is consolidated all under one system so that, at the back end, there are tools that enable users to produce real-time, online reports and easily compare the results of various campaigns at a glance.

Better Control and Flexibility
With Megaseen, you can make changes whenever you like, as often as you like, and launch them instantly. If you need to convey your ideas to a third party, the turnaround time of the changes is dramatically shortened.

Spread the Word
Megaseen's 'Forward to Friends' function enables marketers to instantly launch a viral marketing campaign. You may choose to distribute coupons through a game and further raise your brand’s profile while the user plays the games. You may also add a 'Share' or 'Become a Friend' function through Facebook.

Instant Themes and Games
Megaseen currently has a selection of seven games to add to your campaign site and many additional ones to come. You no longer need a programmer to write and design the games which saves you time and money. Adding games to your campaign site is an effective way to instantly increase the interest of users and enhance the overall impact of the campaign.